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Top 5 Colleges for Pursuing an Online Graphic Design Degree

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Those who are accountable for their families in addition to being employed full-time may benefit from the improved

flexibility and convenience provided by online degree courses in graphic design.

The production of interesting content for use on webpages, online sites, promotional material, and other electronic

documents is one of the numerous applications of design work employed by a broad variety of organizations and sectors.

Designers may create this sort of material.

The creation of distinctive logos, trademarks, and other graphical components is one of the most significant duties of

graphic design. Graphic design is used in a variety of ways in products such as books and periodicals. Graphic designers will

be in short supply as long as the cost of digital files continues to rise.

The Requirements for Pursuing an Online Graphic Design Degree in the USA

There may be different requirements for getting into online graphic design programmes in the United States, depending on the school or program.

There are, however, some requirements that all people who want to enrol in an accredited online degree programme must meet.

  • Prior academic experience:

Most online graduate programs in graphic design require applicants to obtain at least a high school diploma or its international counterpart before attending.

  • Application Material:

Candidates are normally required to submit a resume, academic credentials, and reference letters.

  • Certain technological prerequisites

Students enrolled in an online graphic design degree program should have regular access to a computer with a reliable internet connection and the most recent version of professional design software.

There may be programming or hardware prerequisites for certain courses.

  • Additional Requirements

Before you can get into some online graduate programs in graphic arts, you may have to take extra steps, like take an exam or send in a portfolio.

The Value of Earning a Graphic Arts Career Digital:

  • Students can complete online graphic design degree programs from anywhere as long as they have access to a computer and the internet.
  • Many online graphic design programs offer different specializations, like web design, UX design, and branding, so that students can focus on the areas that interest them the most.
  • Earning a bachelor’s degree in graphic design via an online program may help you move up the professional ladder in a variety of fields, including branding, sales, and publishing, among others.

man in black long sleeve shirt sitting beside black flat screen computer monitor

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Top Colleges for Pursuing an Online Graphic Design Degree

  • Academy of Art University

This university offers a Visual Arts Undergraduate Degree in Graphic Design. Training pupils to become proficient in graphic design is a primary focus of these classes.

Printing, design, animation, customer experience, marketing, and packaging are just some of the things covered in these classes. Members of the faculty are well-known design experts across the country.

  • Bellevue University:

At Bellevue University, it takes 127 credits to get a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design.

Participants gain an understanding of how the use of type, style, imagery, and tone may affect the communication of a product’s design and form to the target audience.

It teaches you how to utilize fantastic tools to improve your designs and helps you acquire skills that improve your graphic design for the public.

  • Berkeley College’s

Enroll in Berkeley College’s online program if you desire to become a brilliant graphic designer in a short amount of time.

It offers a BFA in Graphic Design degree program whereby pupils practice to integrate artistic practice with modern digital tools.

Students should be taught the most modern, cutting-edge design programs available.

  • California Baptist University

Bachelor of Arts degrees in graphic design and electronic communications are available to undergrads at California Baptist University.

Graphic design, and more especially web design, may be studied from a Christian perspective in these programs.

Your resume and competence in this area will both benefit from your attendance at online programs. Students may get the knowledge necessary to develop their font and make unique layouts.

  • California Institute of Arts

Learners interested in working in graphic, online, or electronic content may enroll in a four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design degree at this university. Online courses are also available. Many chances exist for pupils to assemble impressive resumes of their work.

  • Champlain College

A Bachelor of Science in Website Design and Development may be earned entirely online from this school.

This program is one of a kind since it emphasizes the commercial aspect of graphic design with the creative side.

Online marketing, advertising, and public speaking programs fall under this category. Before graduation, students should have mastered more than 32 essential languages, frameworks, and programs used in computer coding.


  • Franklin University’s

The Bachelor of Science in Interactive Media Design program at this school requires 120 semesters hours of study. There is a major benefit to applying to this school digitally.

Individuals with this degrees are considered “dual equipped” since they have a firm grasp of both the business and technology aspects of interactivity technology.

  • Hodges University

You may get an arts degree or a bachelor’s degree in graphic design at Hodges. Artists may expect to grow proficient with technologies and practice working in teams as part of the bachelor’s curriculum.

They will gain proficiency with industry-standard design applications including Computer – aided design, Adobe Photoshop Cloud, Corel draw, and others.

  • Kentucky Wesleyan University.:

The Graduate student of Arts in Graphic Design program at Kentucky Wesleyan University is offered exclusively online. A wide variety of computer-based and non-computer-based art classes are available to students.

Contemporary art, visual appeal, camera technology, the background of computer fabrication, and a number of graphic arts core subjects hold out as particularly useful.


Common Courses in an Online Bachelor’s in Graphic Design Program:

Programs for earning a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Graphic Design online often include a wide variety of topics, giving students a solid grounding in the industry.

Courses that are often required of candidates in a Bachelor of Graphic Arts degree course may well be found below.

Design Fundamentals:

This course covers the foundational principles of graphic design, such as composition, color theory, typography, and visual


Layout and Typography:

This course focuses on the design and layout of print and digital materials, such as magazines, newspapers, and websites,

and the use of typography in effective design.

Motion Graphics:

This course teaches students how to create animated graphics for videos, websites, and other digital media.

Design for Social Media:

This course covers the creation of visual content for social media platforms and the strategies for designing effective social media campaigns.

Portfolio Development:

This course helps students build a professional portfolio that showcases their design skills and abilities.


In conclusion, learners who pursue a degree in graphic design online from a reputable institution will gain a solid grounding in design theory, industry-standard applications, and impressive marketing techniques that will serve them well throughout their professional lives.

Digital photography, web development, motion graphics, and social media are just a few of the many topics covered in these types of programs.

Considering your professional objectives, examine the program’s coursework and instructors, comprehend the program

structure and any on-campus prerequisites, seek for assistance and guidance, examine fees, and read alumni testimonials

when selecting an online Bachelor’s in Graphic Design degree.

Evaluate these characteristics to pick a program that meets your finances, hobbies, courses, and assistance.


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