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Top 10 Affordable Places To Study Abroad

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Students who come for research abroad are still hunting for the cheapest studies overseas. However, the standard of education and knowledge is valuable to study abroad as we know, but how much can be included is something which must be descriptively taken into account. It is easy to be wrapped up by the excellent reputation of universities or private colleges, and forget to consider where you can go in order to have a satisfactory experience.

Student loan expenditures should be obtained abroad but the sum is payable.

The student loan must be charged. Another way to reduce your costs is to qualify for bonds while traveling overseas.

Accessible places to study abroad are most commonly located within the United States or another developed market, and may be referred to as affordable college towns.

They tend to have good schools, colleges, and universities, but also a reasonable price. Affordable places to study abroad do not usually have any sort of special visa available to them, such as a student visa.

Many people decide to study abroad for the experience it gives them or for the opportunities it presents in the future. Student visas are more often than not required for students wishing to study abroad that come from a developing country or region. It is for this reason that many affordable places choose to provide students financial support of some kind. Understanding what financial aid is available before studying abroad is important so that there is


1. Norway

Top 10 affordable places to study abroad

Norway is considered a pricey place to live, after all, 345% more than Pakistan is supposed to be. Rent is much more costly than what we pay in Pakistan, about 660 percent.

The country is nevertheless also one of the cheapest countries to study abroad, as foreign students at public universities receive free education.

In HESS QS 2016, Norway was ranked 32nd. Students just have to pay $40-$ 80 per quarter. In comparison, to cover all your monthly expenses, including accommodating, you need between $1,200 and $1,500.

Annual living and research costs are projected to be around $18,000 in Norway. The full application process for research in Norway can be learned here.


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2. France

 affordable places to study abroad

Not only is France a popular tourist destination, but because of the big higher education system, it also attracts a broad population of international students. France was rated by QS as the sixth-best study destination abroad.

Universities in the French public aren’t charging large rates. For university tuition, you only need $250 to $600 a year. But France’s living costs are still seen as higher than in other nations.

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many reported that France was 30% cheaper than Pakistan, with rents up to 43.5%. You would need around $800 to $1200 a month to summarize all rentals and services. The cost of living and studying in France is measured at around $15,000 per year.


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3. Taiwan

Top 10 affordable places to study abroad

Not many Pakistani students know this but Taiwan was ranked 17th best study abroad destination in the world by QS. According to, Taiwan is 160% more expensive than Pakistan while rents are 190% higher.

Universities in Taiwan charge $3,000 to $6,500 per year depending on the institute and program. Living cost in Taiwan is very low as a student only needs $400 to $550 per month to cover all living expenses including rents. The estimated annual cost to live and study in Taiwan is around $13,000. Here see Why You Should Study in Taiwan.


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4. Hungary

 places to study abroad

Hungary is not ranked by QS but it is still hosting a large population of international students.

The cost of living in Hungary is approximately 90% higher and rents go up to 186% higher than Pakistan. Universities in Hungary charge fees from $5,000 to $25,000 per year. A student needs around $600 per month to cover all living expenses including rents.

It is easier to get admission to Hungary compared to most another study abroad destinations. The estimated annual cost to live and study in Hungary is around $12,000. Here is a complete Free Guide to Study Abroad in Hungary.


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5. Poland

Top 10 affordable places to study abroad

Poland has been getting more popular among international students for the last few years. Poland is home to many great universities hosting hundreds of international students. Rents in Poland are 210% higher while general living cost is around 78% higher than Pakistan.

A student needs around $500 to $600 per month to cover all living expenses including accommodation. Universities in Poland charge $3,000 to $5,000 in tuition fees per year. The estimated annual cost to live and study in Poland is around $12,000. Here is a complete Free Guide to Study Abroad in Poland.


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6. Malaysia

 study abroad

Malaysia is an Asian country ranked 27th best study abroad destination outranking Norway. Malaysia is 76% more expensive to live in than Pakistan.

Rents here cost as much as 120% more than Pakistan. A student needs around $450 to $600 per month to cover all living expenses with refreshments, outings, and accommodation. Universities in Malaysia charge an average of $4,000 per academic year. Different study programs can cost more or less than the mentioned fees.

The estimated annual cost to live and study in Malaysia is around $11,000. Here see How to Get Study Visa for Malaysia.


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7. Germany

 affordable places to study abroad

In its higher educational system intensity ranking of 2016, Germany ranked 3rd best international research destination by QS. It is now the 5th highest student group worldwide.

In Germany, living costs are 192% higher than in Pakistan, while rentals are 446% higher. You would need $600-$900 a month to shop, eat, and other facilities, based on your lifestyle. Universities in public German do not charge tuition fees. However, every semester you do have to pay entry fees, which are about $350.

The average cost of living and working in Germany is estimated at $10,000. Here’s a rundown of the free education provided by all German universities.


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8. Argentina

Top 10 affordable places to study abroad

Argentina was ranked 18th best study abroad destination by QS. This country offers both, a great environment to live and quality education.

All public universities in Argentina offer free education for all domestic and international students. Argentina is approximately 119% more expensive than Pakistan in general living costs.

On the other hand, the accommodation cost is around 173% higher compared to Pakistan. A student needs around $700 to $800 per month to cover all living expenses including proper accommodation. The estimated annual cost to live and study in Argentina is around $9,500.


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9. China

Top 10 affordable places to study abroad

It is easier to get Study Visa for China as it is a good neighbor of Pakistan. China is home to many world-class universities and one of the best providers of higher education.

It was ranked 8th best study abroad destination in the world by QS. There are around 600 universities and colleges in China that are allowed to host international students. Living in China costs 76% more than Pakistan.

Rents in China are estimated to be 246% higher than Pakistan. Chinese universities charge $2,000 to $4,000 per year. Programs such as medicine and engineering can cost higher. A student needs only $250 to $350 per month to cover all living expenses. The estimated annual cost to live and study in China is around $7,500. Here see all the Best Benefits of Studying Abroad in China.


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10. Mexico

Top 10 affordable places to study abroad

Mexico is a Latin American country with a distinct culture and community, but it’s just a part of North America that surrounds the U.S. states of Texas, New Mexico, California, and Arizona.

Mexico will impress you with its combination of cultural heritage and urban modernity, whether it be the ancient Mayan Ruins, colonial Church, or colorful cuisine. The best known of them is currently Chich n Itz’s ancient site, named one of 2007 ‘s Latest Seven Wonders of the World.

The azure coastline of Baja Cauliform, large cactus- and cowboy-filled desert in the north, and modern times may also draw foreign students Globally., highly developed urban hubs such as Mexico City, Tijuana, and Cancun. Mexico is especially notable for its music culture, which includes the traditional Mexican folk music of Mariachi.

Currently claiming the second biggest economy in Latin America after Brazil, Mexico has been named one of the ‘TIMBI’ group of countries (along with Turkey, India, Brazil, and Indonesia), which are following close behind the ‘BRICS’ nations as the world’s fastest-growing economies.

Mexico was ranked 36th best higher education system by QS. It is also home to many highly ranked universities but it is not exactly a favorite destination of international students because of its negative image on international media.

The cost of living in Mexico is only 30% higher than in Pakistan. Rents in Mexico are on average 70% higher. On the other hand, public universities in Mexico only charge $300 to $800 per year.


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It is overall pricey to study overseas, but it is manageable when treated with extreme treatment. A student needs to be highly mindful of their financial expenses to live and learn in an affordable place.

Saving or handling overseas is another cheapest means of studying abroad, having part-time or internships paying, or funding simple living costs abroad.

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