Where Teachers Can Get Free Teaching Supplies?

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Teachers often dip into their own pockets to provide the best education for their students. According to Education Market Association, the typical teacher spends hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars each year on school supplies.

However, many educators might not be aware that there are numerous avenues to obtain teaching resources at no cost.

In this extensive guide, we’ll explore online platforms, local resources, social media groups, and donation programs where teachers can access free teaching supplies to foster a more prosperous learning environment.

The Online Haven: Free Educational Resource Sites

The internet is a treasure trove of free teaching supplies and educational materials, thanks to various websites that cater exclusively to teachers.

These websites provide a wide array of materials from lesson plans, worksheets, and printables to digital resources, all accessible with just a few clicks.

Teachers Pay Teachers

Among the most popular platforms, Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) hosts a substantial collection of free resources uploaded by educators.

By using the site’s filtering system, you can select ‘free’ in the price range section to discover materials that align with your curriculum. The site also occasionally offers seasonal and thematic freebies, which can be a boon for classroom activities.

PBS Learning Media

PBS Learning Media offers a vast library of digital media and interactive experiences, completely free for pre-K through high school educators. Teachers can select resources not only by subject but also media type and standards alignment.

With content from America’s #1 Educational Media Brand, PBS LearningMedia is a must-visit for teachers in search of quality and trusted learning tools.

The Literacy Shed

For language arts teachers, The Literacy Shed is a goldmine. The website provides a range of visual and media resources, known to spark creativity and engage students in writing.

Each ‘shed’ contains short films, commercials, and more, accompanied by teaching ideas and creative writing prompts – all free to access.

Math and ELA Common Core Sheets

Math and ELA Common Core Sheets cater to teachers in search of curricular resources aligned with Common Core standards.

The site offers free worksheets, assessments, and activities in math and English language arts that are printable and digital-friendly. The convenience of pre-aligned resources can save educators hours of time in lesson planning.

Tapping into Local Resources

While the digital world provides convenience, teachers shouldn’t overlook the wealth of free resources available locally.

Community Centers and Libraries

Community centers, public libraries, and youth organizations often distribute free educational materials for use in community programs and resources.

Contact your local center to inquire about potential teaching resources available at no cost.

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Educational Stores and Beyond

Stores that specialize in educational supplies sometimes offer free sample materials to teachers or host events that come with freebies.


Keep an eye out for teacher appreciation days and local store promotions that could yield valuable resources for your classroom.

Leveraging Social Media and Networking

Social media has become a hub for connecting educators with resources and support. Teachers can find and share materials via various social media platforms.


Facebook Groups

Joining Facebook groups catered to teacher sharing can be a game-changer. There are groups for virtually every subject and grade level, where educators share what has worked for them and often provide free resources.

Twitter Hashtags

Twitter communities often use hashtags like #EdChat, #TeacherLife, or specific ones for each subject matter to share resources. Following these hashtags can lead to a plethora of free teaching materials.

Educator Forums and Blogs

Participating in educator forums and following educational blogs can also lead to a plethora of free resources shared by community members and authors.

It’s a great way to connect with other teachers and discover tools and materials that are not as widely distributed.

Securing Donations and Grants

For some teachers, receiving a donation or grant can be incredibly valuable in procuring supplies for their classrooms.

Donors Choose

Donors Choose is a crowdfunding platform for public school teachers. Educators create project requests and donors can choose to fund them.


When the project is fully funded, Donors Choose purchases the requested items and ships them directly to the school.

Grants for Educators

Many organizations offer grants specifically for teachers, which can be used to purchase supplies or fund projects. These grants range from small monetary awards to larger funding and often come with an application process.

Getting Creative with Upcycling and Exchange Programs

In addition to seeking out free materials, there are innovative ways teachers can supplement their classrooms without breaking the bank.

School and District Exchange Programs

Some schools and districts have internal systems for redistributing supplies. Check to see if there’s an exchange program in place where teachers can drop off items they no longer need, or pick up something useful from what others have contributed.

Upcycling in Education

Upcycling, or creatively repurposing discarded materials, is an ecological and economical way to acquire new teaching aids.

Encourage the school community to donate items such as cardboard, fabric, and plastic containers, which can be transformed into educational tools and art supplies.

Local Businesses Partnerships

Don’t hesitate to reach out to local businesses for donations of materials or funding. Many businesses are willing to contribute to their community’s education and might offer surplus materials, sponsor a specific need, or fund a classroom project.

Other Non-Profit Organizations

There are also non-profit organizations whose mission is to help teachers get the supplies they need. Organizations like AdoptAClassroom.org and Kids In Need Foundation work with partners to provide free resources to schools and educators across the country.

Remember, a little resourcefulness can go a long way in stretching your classroom’s budget and ensuring your students have access to diverse, engaging educational materials.


The quest for free teaching supplies is akin to a treasure hunt with an ever-expanding map of locations.

While it may require more effort than simply making a purchase, the satisfaction of finding and utilizing free resources for the benefit of students is immeasurable.

We encourage teachers to explore the presented avenues and stay informed about new opportunities in the realm of educational freebies.

It’s a collective effort to keep enriching the learning experiences for students without burdening the educators’ personal budgets.

By leveraging online platforms, tapping into resources within your community, networking with fellow teachers, and seeking donations, educators can continue to inspire and mold young minds with the support they need – entirely for free.

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