Pros and cons of teachers carrying guns in school.

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The school is a place that is safe for people. But it’s our bad luck that we live in a time where the security of everyone is not sure. Many people comment on crimes and thousands of people are victims of these crimes.

There are many cases of mass shootings in US schools. Many students and teachers are murdered.

If teachers are trained and allowed to carry guns at school. Then teachers and students will feel safe and secure. If someone firing at the school, and if teachers have guns then they start firing in response after hearing a firing sound.

Police may take some time in such shooting cases in school. For that period, teachers must have guns for the protection of their students.

Why are teachers allowed to carry guns at school and why it is so important?

In a school almost two thousand and more than this are present. For their protection, two armed guards are not enough because these two security guards can not go everywhere for protection.

So teachers must be carrying guns because they save more people if threatening circumstances arise. and students also feel secure that their teachers are armed and they don’t allow criminals to kill them.carrying guns

Pros of teachers carrying guns at school:-

  • Save lives in threatening situations
  • It can boost security without late investment.
  •  Many shooters surrender themselves.
  •  There is less of a negative impact on students’ mental health.

Save lives in threatening situations:-

If the police require some time to reach school then armed teachers save their students in this situation till the police rescue them.


It can boost the security of the school with less investment:-

If you hire a special force for school security. It needs a lot of investment. It is not possible for those students who don’t have the budget to hire force for security.

So they train their teachers and allow them to carry guns at school. If there are any threatening situations then these armed teachers provide security to their schools.

So teachers carrying guns boost the school’s security with less investment.

Many shooters surrender themselves when they see armed teachers:-

Teachers are fully trained on how to overcome this situation. It is very beneficial that many shooters surrender themselves Because armed teachers are trained in such a way that these shooters compulsively surrender or kill themselves.

There is less worst impact on student’s mental health:-

In such a situation where a shooter threatens students, This situation leaves the worst impact on student’s mental health. Because they go through the struggle of life and death.

But if there teachers are armed and create an environment safe and secure then it leaves less impact on students’ mental health. Because students feel that their teachers protect them and will save them till the end.

Cons of teachers carrying guns:-

. Having a gun is also used for harmful purposes
. The armed teacher may be considered a police
. The teacher may be the first target of the shooter.

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Having a gun is also used for harmful purposes:-

Carrying a gun is a very difficult responsibility. Because everything that is used has both advantages and disadvantages.
Many people use guns for their revenge which is not good and it is not a true usage of guns.

Armed teachers may be considered themselves as police:-

Armed teachers use their position in the wrong way.
They thought using guns in every situation was right and they considered themselves as police. For example, when students fight with each other and teachers shoot to cease the fight. It is very dangerous because if the bullet hits anyone he or she dies. Is this usage right or wrong? Wrong.

The teacher may be the first target of the shooter:-

Shooters do inquire which teachers have guns before attacking at school. When they attack schools, they target first on teachers and kill them because they know that they have guns. So teachers having guns is very risky because the risk of murdering teachers rises.

carrying guns


In this article, there are advantages and disadvantages of teachers carrying guns at schools. From this article, you know about how to use guns properly. Because the reason for a gun is authentic otherwise it is illegal to use. When you carry guns at schools for just security purposes then it is right to have them but when you use them for your personal then it is wrong. It is up to you how to use it.

Frequent Asked Questions:-

Q. Is it a very great idea that teachers should be armed?

Yes, it is a very great idea as I discussed above how armed teachers protect their students in threatening cases.

Q. Is teacher carrying guns and is there any chance that children access these guns?

Carrying guns at school is a very risky and responsible task. Many officers and armed teachers forget their guns in the bathroom mistakenly. So it is very easy to access these guns for students.

Q. Are there people against the idea of teachers carrying guns?

Yes, many people are again. that teacher carrying guns. Because teachers do a job of teaching not be a bodyguard. Security maintenance is the responsibility of the school and the police that is responsible for the security of safety for students.

Q: how many countries that allowing their teachers to carry guns?

There are almost sixteen thousand schools that train their teacher after their training they are allowed to carrying guns at school with them just for the protection purposes.

10 countries in the world are willing to allow their teachers to carry guns after their training because they think that in threatening circumstances their teachers protect their students.

Q: Does teachers having guns has a bad impact on students- teachers relationship?

Yes, of course it has bad impact on the students-teachers relationship because where teachers are armed they do not feel more secure because they are in danger of being shot by their teacher for any argument.


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