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What Are The Types Of Teaching Philosophies ?

by Past Papers Inside
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Philosophy is the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge , of real life or existence of something. Philosophy , in simple words , means “love of wisdom” .
We can say that philosophy is an activity which people undertake when they want to understand truths about themselves and the relationship with the world and with each other .


There are seven types of philosophies which are below :

  • Metaphysics
  • Aesthetics
  • Axiology
  • Epistemology
  • Logic
  • Ethics
  • Political philosophy

They are briefly describe in following


Metaphysics is the study of reality . It gives us the understanding of reality . It ,specially , gives the information of universal elements of reality which a person can not experience in his/her daily life .

Aesthetics :

Aesthetics is the branch of philosophy which is the study of critical reflection of art and appreciation of good taste and beauty . It is formed from a Greek word and its meaning is “sense of perception”.


Axiology is also called the theory of value , as it is related to the study of goodness and value . Paul Lapie, is the father of axiology .


It is known as the theory of knowledge. It indicates the relation of mind with reality . Four pillars of epistemology are below

  • Divine relation
  • Experience
  • Logic and reason
  • Intuition

Logic :

It is the study of scope and nature of logic . It is used to solve the philosophical problem which has been raised by logic. Types of logics are below

  • Formal logic
  • Informal logic
  • Symbolic logic
  • Mathematics logic

Ethics :

It helps us to know morally what is right and what is wrong, moreover morally what is good and what is bad .

It’s another name is moral philosophy.

It is mainly concerned with the causes or action of anything.

Political philosophy:

It is the branch of philosophy which indicates how we can best arrange our collective life . It also examines the policies of the societies and political decisions .


There are many benefits of philosophy like it helps the student to think about critical ideas and new and unfamiliar information. It also develops the dialogue skills , re reading ability and adaptation of learning.

It helps to recognize the existing contents in a unique way . It also crucial in society and help in modern research projects.




Teaching philosophy is a statement in written form which includes about teaching and learning , core beliefs etc . It also give description that how a teacher teaches .moreover a reason that why a teacher teaches in that ways and so on .

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It is a self reflection statement . Teaching philosophy helps teachers to identify themselves that are they good or bad by observing themselves about their bonding with students and are they available for students when the need arise or not .




Following are the types of teaching philosophies

  • Perennialism
  • Essentialism
  • Romanticism
  • Progressivism

Their details are following


It is a type of teaching philosophy in which the teacher has to teach the students to think rationally and to develop the mind that thinks critically. Thomas Aquinas gives the concept of perennialism .


Essentialism gives the belief that something is necessary. There are two types of essentialism which are following

  • Meaphysical
  • Psychological
  • Essentialism is also called biological reductionism.


It emphasizes the emotionally self  awareness to improve society and  to better the condition of humanity. It started from western Europe . Two types of romanticism are following

  • Homoromanticism
  • Hetero Romanticism

Progressivism :

Education philosophy is also known as progressivism. It seeks to advance the condition of humans through social reform which is based on science and technology advancement . John Dewey is the father of progressivism.


Teaching philosophy is a very essential and integral part in learning about the student’s goal , their future ideas and learning effectiveness.

It is necessary for the teachers to study philosophy before entering into a teaching life because it helps to understand the purpose of education ,how they can teach a student well and to think about the role of technology in education.

Teaching philosophy is actually a map which gives direction to the teacher to move ahead. Through teaching philosophy, teachers are able to view from the perspective of their students.

Teachers through teaching philosophy adapt better teaching methods, eventually resulting in improved results .


To conclude I would say that teaching philosophy and its types plays an important role in our building of society.

Teachers are considered the builders of the future , so through teaching philosophy teachers are able to treat students well , to clarify all the questions of students and to teach them well with different and new teaching strategies.

Teaching philosophy also make a teacher friendly so the students do not hesitate in talking to their teachers . Teaching philosophy is also integral in improving results .

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