Why Education Is More Important Than Money?

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Education is defined as transmission of knowledge ,skills and character traits.Transmission of worthwhile is also termed education. It also stimulates economic growth and raises awareness of problems like local problems and global problems.

Education is important for students as they have to gain knowledge about things of the present, past and future. We can get education from schools , colleges and life experiences also educate us .

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 Advantages of education:

There are many advantages of education which are following .
It develops critical thinking skills
It provides us with a healthy life and life full of prosperity.
It improves self discipline.
It promotes equality and empowerment.
It provide us confident to look ahead towards their successful future


 How Education help us to live a successful life?

Education helps us to live a successful life as it provides confidence to look forward towards our future because we are able to go towards a career when we have knowledge about it . Through education we are able to overcome all our weaknesses . Through education we will play a good role in our society as an educated person and can become a good citizen . By stability which is provided by education , we can be stable. Without education we cannot make our life successful and perfect

Role of education in contribution to society.

Education plays an important role in the contribution of society .It acts as a key for national development. It includes various contribution for society and individuals which are given below

  • It lead to inform citizen who can make positive change in society
  • It can develops the human resources and work values
  • It helps to develop the dignity of labor
  • It can distinguish between mental and moral labor in societies


Education provide us opportunity and empowerment:

Opportunity and empowerment will be provided by education .Education provide us opportunities like
To explore ourselves
To explore our surrounding
It gives us an opportunity to get into the right career and to be confident in it . It helps us to better our skills.It provides an advanced career opportunity.
Empowerment is also provided to us by education. Education empowers individual by following ways
Giving tools to them that they need to achieve potential
To pursue their passion
By making positive contribution to their environment

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A system of value that is used to facilitate the exchange of goods in the economy ,called as money . We can also say that money is a currency which circulates from person to person and from country to country . Through money we can buy the goods of our need . In past people use to buy goods by exchanging it with their any other thing , but when money discovered people can buy things easily of their use by giving money instead of their goods or things .

Advantages of money

You know that money is a thing that everyone needs , because we can buy the things we need and we can use money in different ways. It gives us freedom and autonomy .It help us to start our business and to help us to join our career which we had set for ourselves.It allow us to purchase things and services.

 How money help us to live a successful life

Money could help us to live a successful life in following ways
By money we can go to the field or we can adopt the career which is so expensive
it provide us freedom so we can live life according to ourselves
It covers financially shocks
Money helps us in many ways to buy goods of our need , to fulfill our wishes and dreams etc .

Role of money in contribution to society

It plays an important role in contributing to society. It also act as the medium for exchange between individuals and goods . It is also used in the trade system which is very essential for peoples. It helps people to buy things like food and an area to live etc. In the form of taxes , money is playing a great role in the contribution to society.
5: Money provide us opportunity and empowerment
Money gives us opportunity in this way that it provides us stability to pursue our dreams. Through money we can start our business and whatever we want to achieve. It helps us to live a happy life by helping us to fulfill our basic needs. Financial empowerment leads the financial well being . Actually money provide us opportunity and empowerment by helping us to set an advance career for ourselves, to make our future better by doing some kind of business and to fulfill our basic needs.


If we compare education and money than education is more important than money because education provide us confidence to look towards our career and it provides
Education lead us towards higher earning potential for lifetime but money also provide us stability but not without education , it doesn’t provide us guarantee to financial stable as we have no right skills or knowledge about that one career
Education can overcome poverty and money can be fleeting , but education provides lasting benefits. If we want to break the chain of poverty we have to gain Education and then we have to use money according to our knowledge.


I conclude that education is more important than money because it provides us with critical thinking, skills and better behavior. Some people having money are more cruel and proud, having a lack of education. Money is important but without education it is nothing.

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