Why Is Educational Psychology Important For Cognitive Development?

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Psychology is a study of human behavior and mind. Psychologists are the people who are actively involved in the study of processes related to mind, functions of the brain and behavior.

Wilhelm Wundt is called the father of psychology.

Following are the concepts of psychology.

  • Biological concept
  • Psychodynamic concept
  • Behavioral concept
  • Cognitive concept
  • Humanistic concept

    Biological concept :

    Physiology psychology is also known as a biological concept . Charles Darwin is known as the father of biological psychology .It is, basically, the study of biological behavior of a person . It focuses on following

  • Nervous system
  • Hormones
  • Genetics
  •   It examines the relation between mind and body and mechanism which are neural

Psychodynamic concept :

It emphasizes the processes of psychology like the fear or wishes from which we are not aware and contends the childhood experiences which are important in building the person personality.

Psychodynamic therapy is firstly introduced by Sigmund following are the concepts of psychodynamic psychology.

  • Id
  • Ego
  • Superego
    Psychodynamic psychology is to self-awareness of client or a person about his/her past and present behavior.


Behavioral concept:

As the name shows that behavioral psychology or behaviorism is related as the relationship between human behavior and its mind.
Examples of behaviorism are overt and covert, rational and irrational, conscious and unconscious etc. Behavioral psychology is of following types.

  • Pessimistic
  • Trusting
  • Envious
    It helps scientific and psychologist to study about behavior of a person with respect to his / her mind.

Cognitive concept:

Cognitive psychology is used to know how a person thinks.
It is concerned with the inner mental processes like attention, perception, memory, planning of an action and much more. It treats the issues of human mental processes like Alzheimer’s disease, issues of speech and loss of memory etc.

Humanistic concept:

Study of human as a whole is known as a humanistic concept. The goal of humanistic psychology is to help people to reach their potential by exploring or by knowing themselves and their uniqueness.

The father of humanistic psychology is Abraham Maslow. The characteristics of humanistic psychology are.

  • Self-actualization
  • Self-direction
  • Choice
    It defines the choice and responsibility of an individual.
    Basically, psychology helps us to understand the behavior and nature of a person and helps us to feel better about how we think and act.
  • Psychology is commonly recognized as the branch of science i.e., social science.


Psychology plays a vital role in teaching and learning. It helps us to know how people learn and retain knowledge. It improves the learning process and promotes knowledge to all the students.
Psychologists mostly work in educational centers or departments to focused on identifying and studying learning methods to understand better that how a person can retain knowledge and education.education


Study in which we get how a person or a student learns and retains knowledge , primarily in educational centers like classrooms etc. . It scientifically include following

  • Teaching methods
  • Instructional processes
  • Individual learning differences
    Actually , educational psychology is concerned with scientific study of human learning . Educational psychology is concerned with the child’s development and learning .
  • In different countries, educational psychology degrees teach about processes and cognitive , developmental and behavioral factors that take place in learning processes and many more


Psychology in the department of education is very important. Educational psychology plays a vital role in learning processes, especially in this era . Benefits and importance of educational psychology is following

  • It affects the teaching methods
  • Gives motivation to children
  • Policy of education
  • Management of classroom
    Following are their details

    1: Effective Teaching

    It helps the teachers to understand how students develop and learn . It helps teachers to know them to tailor their teaching methods to meet individual needs.

    2: Child Motivation

    Educational psychology gives the factors that give the motivation and engagement to students and educational psychology helps to give a learning environment to students .

    3: Policy Of Education

    It informs policy makers about evidence-based interventions , and it also contributes to improving educational centers .

    4: Management Of Classroom

    It allows the teacher to manage the classroom behavior effectively , and create a productive learning atmosphere. It allows the teacher to know about the behavior of a student.


Importance of educational psychology can not be denied because it helps teacher the most by helping them to understand the nature of a student , the behavior and the learning skill of a student etc.

By knowing these all teachers can control the students according to their nature and their behavior or attitude they show .


To conclude , I would say that educational psychology is very important as it gives us knowledge of how the students of the

present are retaining knowledge and also gives knowledge to teachers to understand the nature and behavior of students to teach them like that.

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