A Level Computer Science 9608 Example Candidate Response and Syllabus

A Level Computer Science 9608 Example Candidate Response and Syllabus

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An Example Candidate response lets students know how an examiner check a candidate’s test. Many candidates answer to the common errors made by them.

The candidate’s work labeled with a reasonable explanation of where and why marks were given or removed. It was lead by examiner feedback about how the answer should have been improved.

In this way, you can consider what candidates have done and what they can do to support their response. It will help the candidate to work on their common mistakes to avoid losing their marks., Plus will be improved their writing skills.

The example candidate response will help students see the performance level needed to achieve the perfect answer to the question and understand exactly what examiners are looking for. It will increase your critical thinking.

Tips to navigate the Syllabus during the semester

  1. At the start of the classes, read the whole material carefully, and get a sense of the course layout. Before starting a chapter or unit, create a list of all the topics, plus the important ones in the Syllabus of the unit so that the learning of unnecessary or irrelevant topics does not waste time.
  2. Knowing the course and the weight of multiple sections specifically allows you to determine how much time you can spend on each team.
  3. The specifics instructions in the Syllabus can often sound a little confusing or hard to understand. So if something is unclear about the course, ask your instructor for help.
  4. Use the textbook to understand how vital a subject is and how much time you can spend on essential issues.

The Syllabus prepared by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) expert teachers summarize the core topics covered in A-Level Computer Science 9608. The Syllabus included an in-depth explanation of subjects with great real-life examples to clear the concept of that topic.

It indicates students know what issues they have to cover to attain maximum grades in their respective subjects.

By providing the central and comprehensive option, the Cambridge syllabus is designed for various levels of skills. Students may select either the main level of specific subjects or the extended level, which means that they may prefer to learn the topic at a fundamental or advanced level.

A-Levels recognizes that not all students have a shared passion in all areas. It gives the students the versatility to provide an outline or to specialized in the topic in-depth with the same goal.

A-Level Computer Science 9608 Example Candidate Response and Syllabus:


9608 Computer Science Example Candidate Responses:


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