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How Actually Teachers Salary Lanes And Steps Works?

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There are many professionals in this world. But teaching is honorable profession. Teachers do their best for their students who will play very important roles in society.
When you become a teacher there are many things that you have to deal but the salary steps and lanes are some of the most important to be considered.

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What is the mean of lanes in teaching salary?

Every school has its system and confirms the teacher’s salary according to their school’s rules. Lane plays a very important role in the salary of teachers.
Lane is a different level who describes your salary. These lanes are decided according to your qualifications.
Lane’s  levels decide teacher’s salary. Following our teacher salary lanes.

  • Most teachers do their bachelor’s and start doing their job in school they fall in the first lane and the salary rates for these teachers are very low.
  •  You teach after your master’s degree then you fall in the second lane. The salary of these teachers is slightly higher than first-lane teachers.
  • If you want to fall in third-lane teachers salary then you must have a master’s degree and should complete fifteen or more than fifteen hours of graduation.
  •  Those teachers who have a master’s degree with more than 30 hours of graduation fall in the 4th lane and who have a master’s degree which requires 45 hours fall in the 5th lane. Both lanes teachers get the highest salary than other teachers.
  •  If you have done Ph.D. then you fall into the 6th lane.

What is the mean of steps in teaching salary?

Step refers to your teaching experience. If you are starting teaching recently then you get a very low salary. If you are experienced then your worth will be high and you get a hand package.

If a school hires you and you are experienced then after confirmation of your experience from your previous institute where you teach, steps are included in your salary.

Difference between Lane and salary steps?

Both are considered by schools. When they are hiring you as a teacher according to lane and step level your salary is decided lane is based on your qualifications while the Step is based on your educating experience.

How do salary lanes and steps work?

Everyone has their aims for their career, some teachers do their job to increase their experience years(steps) and some teachers do their job just based on their academic qualification(Lanes).

So based on both salary steps and lanes almost all schools increase the salary of their teachers every year.

Is that true that teachers are underpaid than other professionals?

Yes, indeed, teachers have always been underpaid. The salary of teachers is very low.

For example, if an engineer and any other professional have the same qualifications as a teacher with a bachelor’s degree then there is a very high difference in their salaries.

Engineers and other professionals have a very handsome salary package compared to teachers.

How school raise its salary annually?

For a salary increment, teachers have to fill the requirements of schools like excellent services, good learning outcomes, etc. Almost every school will offer an automatic increment of salary every year.

It’s means if you start a job as a freshener and after one year, if you still doing the job then you will get an automatic increment in your salary.


To get rewards and benefits in teaching you have to be loyal to the system of the institute. If you stay long in a particular school then the school will reward you with an increment of your salary steps level.

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But if you want to continue your further education then the school also motivates you to continue your education. If you increase your education degree then you will also get an increment in your salary.

Frequent Asked questions:-

Q. What is the process of increasing level of lane?

If you want increase your lane level then you have to do your degree high for example if you have bachelor’s degree then by getting masters degree your lane level will automatically raise.

Q. Is other programs instead of lane steps salary for facility their teachers?

Yes, there are other many programs or opportunities for raising the salaries of teachers like pensions, rewards and bonus etc.

Q. Schools have same salary method. Is that true?

Schools when hire you as a teacher they will decide your salary according to your qualification(lanes) and experience (steps) so every institutes has its own rules for deciding and implement salary method.

Q. Is steps level increase with the increase of lane level?

No, step and lane level do not depend on each other because steps based on your professional experience and lane based on your academic.

In a simple words if you start your job after your bachelors then you fall in lane level 1 and step level 1 and if you continue your job till next years then you fall in lane level 1 and step level 2. In this way lane and steps are different to each other.

Q. Is salary steps give benefits to teachers remuneration?

Loyalty and consistency are very mandatory for all jobs. If you are loyal and consistent to your job then you make your career very bright.

If you are a teacher and you are loyal to your institute and you do your job from a long period of time then in each years your step level increase by increasing step level your remuneration will also increase

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