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How To Write A Standout College Application Essay?

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The impression that you created on the admissions committee with your application essay will be the primary reason why they will remember you. In a highly competitive application climate, writing an essay that distinguishes you from the other applicants and highlights your unique set of skills, interests, and experiences is very necessary.

Tips for writing a standout application essay:

If you want your application essays to stand out, consider the following:

  • choose an innovative essay topic
  • Draft a plan
  • Prove; don’t explain.
  • Let your personality shine through.
  • Keep your attention on the main point.
  • Edit and rewrite it till it’s perfect.
  • finish firmly

person writing on brown wooden table near white ceramic mug

Choose an innovative essay topic:

Pick a unique topic. Therefore, the first step is to think of a good, original subject for your essay. Therefore, it is crucial to devote additional time to contemplating your topic possibilities and researching.

Choose a topic that is both interesting and relevant to you since it will create a good impression on your reader.

Draft a plan:

With a little forethought, the process of selecting a subject and moving on to developing an approach or outline should go well. An essay’s draught or outline is a crucial starting point. It shows you how to neatly structure and arrange your thoughts.

Prove; don’t explain.

The adage “Prove, don’t explain” is one of the most crucial guidelines to follow while writing an outstanding college application essay. This includes using examples and stories to back up your claims and make your essay more engaging. Rather than just saying things like “I’m a diligent worker” or “I have a strong interest in this field,” provide evidence. The admissions board will get a more complete picture of who you are and what you’re capable of using this information.

Let your personality shine through.

Application essays, or statements of purpose, convey your uniqueness through the sharing of your interests, values, and experiences. It makes you stand out from the crowd of candidates and leaves a long-lasting impression on the admissions committee.

Keep your attention on the main point.

If you want your writing to stand out, one trick is to concentrate on the topic’s key theme. Avoid muddled thinking and make your point crystal clear to the reader. Having a focus and central topic for your essay will give it a sense of originality and help you stand out. Do not include anything that is not directly related to your primary argument.

Edit and rewrite it till it’s perfect.

It is essential to thoroughly edit and modify your essay after you have written it. Check your essay thoroughly to ensure it is free of typos and grammatical faults. Draft it once or twice, and then modify it till it’s perfect. After that, you have your friends, family, and professors go through your essay to make sure it’s flawless and excellent.

Finish firmly

A strong and effective conclusion is the icing on the cake of careful subject selection and well-written content. Doing so will show the audience that you hold a thorough understanding of the material at topic. Typical blunders to avoid at the conclusion are presenting fresh material or ending on a bad note.

Other important aspects of writing the college application essay

Here are some tips for writing an essay for college applications that can help you distinguish among the hundreds of other students while still accurately representing who you are.


  • Present yourself in a manner that transcends grades, recommendations, and standardized test results. Consider the things that shaped your character, such as a unique connection, your most noteworthy extracurricular activity, or a course or thought that altered your perspective. We would want to know what makes you tick, how you may fit into our community, and how your unique traits and experiences might add to our vibrant and exciting campus.
  • Be confident your essay represents you. Consider: Am I the only one who could have authored this essay? Or could anybody in my graduating class have authored the essay?
  • Describe yourself in a tale with a beginning, middle, and finish. Surprise us, teach us something we didn’t know, or reveal something vulnerable to pique our interest and make us want to continue reading. Close your tale with a conclusion that relates back to your introduction or creates an engaging finale.
  • Maintain the specified or recommended length. Typically, there are roughly 650 words. This demonstrates your ability to follow instructions. In addition, skilled writers may stick to a word restriction without sacrificing clarity.
  • Concentrate to layout. If you create your essay in a text editing tool (such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs) in order to employ auto correct or other capabilities, make sure to reread it after duplicating it into the system. Due to the fact that infinite permutations of word processors and web browsers might create mistakes, some of the unique layout may be lost. Check again before pressing “publish”!

And some do nots:

  • Don’t put words on paper that seem phone or ridiculous. Positivity and creativity may work. Remember that your reader’s sense of humor may not match yours. When expressing an innovative viewpoint or strong opinion, it’s OK to take a risk. You’re not arguing in the High Court. You’re showing the admissions board a side of yourself.
  • Avoid unfamiliar terms. Be authentic.
  • Avoid repeating information from other parts of your application in your college admissions essay unless you are building on a particularly impressive extracurricular or educational experience.

The Importance of Proper Vocabulary and Tense Usage in Admission Essays

The vast majority of application essays will be written in a solemn manner and will combine past and present tenses. Because of the important subject matter of the essay, it is essential to use specific more formal terminology, which more accurately convey the author’s level of experience and maturity. Keep in mind that the admissions committee favors writings that are succinct and direct in their presentation.

The present as well as the past tenses Your choice of verb tense helps to establish the context for your experiences and draws attention to the importance of your achievements and setbacks. When talking about your future objectives and objectives, you should use the present perfect tense, but when talking about your previous successes and experiences, you should use the past perfect tense.
Because demonstrating your ability to write is the primary goal of an admissions essay, it is critical to employ the correct vocabulary and tense throughout the whole piece.

In conclusion, if you want your admissions essay to stand out from the crowd, you are going to need to invest some time and effort into research, preparation, and rewriting. Create an essay that stands out and displays your personality as well as your talents by focusing on your own experiences, successes, and goals, as well as by using appropriate vocabulary and tenses in your writing. You should also revise your essay to ensure that it is well-organized, that it is clear, and that it does not include any errors. You should be able to construct an enticing application essay by keeping these principles in mind, which will boost your chances of getting accepted to the school that you have chosen as your first choice. As you work on your college applications, know that you have my support and best wishes.


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