What Are Advantages And Disadvantages Of Student Centered Learning?

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Student centered learning is an excellent educational approach because it has the main aim is promote education in such a way which focus on student’s need and their interest.

From this way teacher can promote deeper understanding and make future if their students bright. Student centered learning is method of teaching in which teacher encourage their students to participate in learning activities.

When teacher does not appreciate students and makes their lecture boring and typical.

Then students do no learn and give excellent output and getting board in his or her lecture.

There are many methodologies which enhance the learning outcome but students centered learning is the best method to improve student’s skills.

So there are many advantages of students centered learning strategy. Here are the deeply discussion about advantages and disadvantages of this student centered learning strategy because everything has advantages then it will contain also some disadvantages.

What Is Different Between Student Centered Learning And Teacher Centered Learning:

In teacher centered learning, teachers talk more than students, Teacher should be responsible for clearing all the concepts and approving all answers from students and teachers decide what students learn.

But student centered learning student also talk and take participate in discussions. Students have to right to give their point of view freely. In this method student figure out the queries by own their selves.

But student centered learning student also talk and take participate in discussions. Students have to right to give their point of view freely. In this method student figure out the queries by own their selves.

Role of teacher and student in student centered learning:

In student centered learning teachers plays very vital role. Because teacher is still leader and spokesperson. They are advisor and instructors to their students while students also play an active role in their own learning.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Student Centered Learning:


Below are the few advantages of students centered learning strategy:

  • Developing Skills:
  • Enhance Self-esteem:
  • Cognitive Development:
  • Developing Team work:
  • Students Approach Effective Methods Of Learning:

Developing Skills:

Through student centered learning strategy, students developing different skills and enhance their knowledge through observe different students and enrich themselves from knowledge which will help them in future.

Enhance Self-esteem:

When students discuss in a group or do work in the same project as a team in this way they enhance their self-esteem because through communication and giving their point of views they enhance their self-esteem and confidence.

Cognitive Development:

Student centered learning strategy makes studies fun and interesting. When students take parts in learning and participate in activities and exploring the new things. In this way they enhance their cognitive development.

Developing Team work:

In Student centered learning strategy students work in group and studied in peers. When students working together they exchange their point of view and also agree in one ideal solution. In this way they respect perspective of others.

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Students Approach Effective Methods Of Learning:

In teacher centered learning strategy there is only one method of delivering lecture which is very boring and typical. But student centered learning strategy students approach different ways or method to make their studies efficient.

Disadvantages Of Student Centered Learning:

Here are some disadvantages of student centered learning strategy:

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  • Facing Misconceptions Issues:
  • Teacher does not have control in classroom
  • Require special skills:
  • Difficulty to complete the curriculum targets:

Facing Misconceptions Issues:

When everyone has a right to give their opinions then there is main issue raised is misconception because some dull students do not pick the exact meaning of that information.

There is less focus on that’s why many students don’t clear their all doubts.

Teacher does not have control in classroom:

In student centered learning, there is less control of teacher on students because there is no organized or formal environment in classroom. There is no restrictions on students.  Student created so much mess or noise in classroom which is difficult to control.


Require special skills:

For student centered learning, teachers require some special skills that is not done by all teachers.

Difficulty to complete the curriculum targets:

In this strategy, students have to require longer time to complete their curriculum targets which is difficult to students.

Why Student Centered Learning Is Popular?

In traditional way of teaching there is no focus on students needs, interest which result depression, anxiety in them and they have no interest in studies.

But through student centered learning strategy you can focus on your students and their interest. You can engage them in studies in very interesting way. Through this students give you their best in studies.

That’s why it is very popular and important.


How student centered learning apply in classroom?

When you know about advantages of student centered learning then next step how to implement this in classroom. Here are some tips to apply student centered learning in classroom.

First of all you have to create lesson plans and encourage group activities for learning process.

Enhance the confidence of your students and teach them cooperative skills.

Knowing about the interest of your students about any subject.

Create projects which helps them to learning in very interesting way.

Are parents support student centered learning?

Yes, parents support student centered learning because parents encourage their students for exploring world and take parts in discussions.

In this modern world, parents can also  support their children to become a leader and   support student centered learning because this strategy boost the confidence level in their children which is best  for leading in their future and it also developing skills like social skills, cooperative skills in their children.

These skills helps them to explore  world and live a successful life.


As you know about there are many ways of teaching. But nowadays student centered learning are most popular because it enhance the learning outcome.

Many students like this strategy because this makes study more interesting .In the world of technology, technology can also enhance students centered learning strategy because there are many resources like internet, phone, computers which enhance learning process among students.

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