How To Get A YMCA Teacher Discount and What Its Benefits?

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YMCA is a non-profit organization that provides and promotes healthy social life throughout the world. YMCA works for humanity and provides many facilities which are necessary for our lives.

 YMCA provide a teacher discount:

YMCA also provides a teacher discount which is easy to achieve. There are many methods to get a YMCA Teacher Discount. Here are following ways or methods to get YMCA Teacher Discount:

  • Checkout the original website of YMCA and give all your biodata on the website and verify your information by providing the evidence and after this process, you can achieve your teacher discount or membership in YMCA.
  • Secondly you have to go to the office or branch of the YMCA for get a YMCA teacher discount. You have to provide all your bio data details which are told by the worker of YMCA.

Advantages Of Getting YMCA Teacher Discount:

YMCA teacher discounts have many advantages. Here are some advantages of getting discount at YMCA for teachers:

  • YMCA provides many activities which may provide you relief from stress and also provide a source of refreshment and entertainment.
  • Teachers do not have time for socializing and do work all day. Teachers have a hectic routine. And when you get a discount at YMCA you can easily go there without any tension of expenses and do some socializing and feel better by taking part in co-curricular activities.
  • YMCA also provides some opportunities of becoming a volunteer and through this you can easily enhance your skills and knowledge. When you take part on any educational event and competition and using your skills in this way you can improve your skills
  • YMCA also provides health facilities and discounts for teachers.

What are the criteria for getting a YMCA discount?

YMCA does not only offer discounts for teachers but it also provides all the people who work in education institutes. Following are one of these who can apply for YMCA discount.

  • All staff members in school, colleges and universities which include:
    • Teachers
    • Lecturer
    • Professors
    • Principals
    • Directors
    • Coordinators etc.

So don’t worry if you are worker on education sector then you can get discount according your age and family members.

Pricing Of YMCA Memberships For Educators:

If you want to live an awesome life then you have to apply for a YMCA discount. At a reasonable prices YMCA offers memberships for teachers

Here are pricing of packages:

  1. For Adults:  If your age between 24-64 then the price of packages will be 53.50 dollars. After getting discount of 10.50 dollars then you have to pay only 43.00 dollars
  2. For Dual: If you are 2 adults. Then the price of the package is 77.50 dollars. After getting discount of 15.75 dollars you have to pay just only 61.75 dollars
  3. Household: if you are a household which includes 2 adults with youth people under 24 years. Then the price of the package will be 83.50 dollars. After getting a discount of 17.25 dollars. You have to pay only 66.25 dollars.
  4. Senior Adult: if you are 65+ and you want a membership of YMCA. Then the price of the package will be 49.50 dollars. After getting a discount of 12.00 dollars you just have to pay 37.50 dollars.
  5. Senior Dual: If you fall in a senior Dual category which includes 2 adults and has at least one person whose age is plus 65 then the price of the package will be 69.50 dollars. After getting a discount of 15.75 dollars you have to pay only 53.75 dollars.
  6.  Senior Household: If you fall in the category of senior Household which include 2 adults and one person who is 65 plus and childs under 24 years. After getting a discount of 16.25 dollars you have to pay only 57.20 dollars.
  7. Young Adults and Youth: If you fall in with young adults whose age restrictions are between 19-23 then the price of the package will be 49.50 dollars. After getting a discount of 12.50 dollars you have to pay only 37.59 dollars. If you fall in the youth category then the price of the package will be 26.50 dollars and there is no discount on youth whose age restrictions is between 12-18 because the price is already reasonable.

You can easily select according the age and category.


YMCA teacher discount provide you opportunity to live a healthy and wealthy lifestyle. YMCA by offering discount to teachers makes their boring life interesting.

YMCA having aim for creating educator’s life because YMCA believe that everyone has a right to enjoy their life’s, doing regular exercise and make them fit which is directly leave healthy and positive effects on their mind to getting better education.


Following are the some frequent asked questions about YMCA teacher discount:

  1. Is that true that YMCA one of the largest non profit organization?

Yes it is true, YMCA is the biggest and oldest non profit organization which is established in 1844 for make the society community’s lifestyle wealthy and fit.

  1. What is criteria of YMCA discount for teacher?

Validity of discount is depends upon location and the policies of that YMCA branch.

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3.How can YMCA membership cancel?

If you want to cancel membership then go to the website of YMCA and apply for cancel the membership.

4. How many program offer by YMCA?

YMCA offers various programs which has many  healthy benefits because these activities helps you to maintain your health. These programs including:

people exercising

  • Child care
  • Educational programs
  • Leadership programs
  • Swimming
  • Gymnastics
  • camping etc.

5.What is the religious purpose of YMCA?

YMCA having a main aim of putting Christianity rules into examples by offering various programs which makes their minds active and healthy.

6. Do former educators still qualify for the discount?

Retired educators may be eligible for a discount at some YMCA branches. It is best to contact your local YMCA to enquire about their policy on retired teachers.

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