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What is an Article?


An article is writing for a wide audience. The main motive behind writing an article is to make a difference in the world by publishing in newspapers or magazines or journals.

It could be the topics of the writer’s interest or it could relate to current problems. The theme may be extreme or not so severe; the speech and vocabulary are the same.




Steps of Article Writing

  • Article Writing Format: Suppose you have some thoughts and would like to tell people about a topic. How are you going to do that? You can tell people near you the opinions. Yet what if not just the people, say, the universe, you want to ask? How are you going to do that? You’re going to write the opinion, won’t you?
  • You will also see authors or others in some publications, magazines, journals or their websites writing down their concerns and ideas.
  • You write in the context of an essay your thoughts and values. We should become acquainted with the writing and style of the article in this section.



Article Writting

  • It highlights the subjects or the subject of interest
  • The article offers detail on the subjects
  • It provides proposals and advice
  • It affects and urges readers to think
  • The paper addresses different articles, people, events, news, and technical advances




Format of Article Writing


Think of the subject about which you wish to write. You can take further steps only one by one after you have decided your subject:

  • Audience objective: Identify the reading group concerned.
  • Meaning: Consider the intent or meaning of the article.
  • Collect & Select: collect as possible such information. Therefore, describe the most important data.
  • Organization: Logically arrange information and facts.
  • Use proper grammar, spellings, and correct punctuation while writing an article.
  • Using ability in the language.
  • Keep the subject catching introduction, interesting and short.
  • Speak in proper way and descriptively regarding the opinions and the subject.


Mistakes to Avoid

The existence of mistakes only is evident as you learn how to write the article and the style for the article. Some errors are common:

  • Do not use evidence, quotes or the like
  • It should not be too formal to speak
  • The article needs to be readily understood.
  • The article’s title must be appealing and descriptive.
  • No paragraphs shall be used
  • Personal opinions are good, but the author should never speak about himself

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