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  • Carefully read the subject. Stress the key topic of the discussion (e.g., policy)
  • Decide “for” or “against” (i.e. do you favor you or do you not?).
  • Take a look at all the things related to Important & Rational. Please invest between 5-10 minutes in notes. There should be no personal factors. Do not be “jazbaati” as we say in Urdu.
  • Start – No quotations are needed. Most books/resources advise you to give your opinion at the beginning of the end. Say it in the text, preferably in the opening paragraph, at the start of the article.




Manner to start your Essay:


  • Offer your view on the subject quickly. For example, the social media phenomenon has risen dramatically over the last four years. It has now become a necessity for young people. I believe …….. “Begin by suggesting that a good argument is correct and offering your opinion. “They have had an immense negative / positive impact on young people lately in social media. That is my own experience ……..
  • Common “For” statements have in them all legitimate factual and Stress arguments – Each element must be in favor, including the STRONGEST arguments.
  • Counter Claim – Pick and mention the best counterpoints. Take the counterpoints forward, be rational and truthful. The explanation is that someone else would write against if you write in favor. You must give the case to both sides to prove correct.
  • Disputing Counter Points – You have to contest them until you have submitted the contrary claims to demonstrate that either they are false or they are not adequately Valid to win the case.

For Example, The alternative point may be: ‘We need social media for teens, it is a forum for chats, debates, and useful knowledge sharing.’

This counterargument is disputed: “While it includes interactive opportunities, the adolescents lose much of their precious time while stubbornly reading comics / having pointless discussions.

One of the big reasons for youths’ exploitation is social media.





  • You don’t mention or share an opinion. You want to Persuade the interviewer that you agree that logical points are correct.
  • Over the process of your writing, do not get sentimental, and carried away. Don’t be hurt. Don’t be affected.
  • Too much on vocabulary not to emphasize. The mechanisms of the word, the pacing, the periods are as critical as vocabulary. When you don’t know their proper use, don’t use certain phrases forcefully. A list of the points isn’t made. Do not say “first, second, third, and fourth.” Recall, you are checked for words. Using strong words and connectives, including “At that.”
  • After your essay ends now, you don’t finish a debate simply as it is a waste of time and words, because you just reiterate what you said. Complete your essay by reiterating a different viewpoint, i.e. you might say, “Messages and teenagers should be encouraged rather than staying at home. You should be encouraged.

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