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You may describe a person, a place, or a thing in concise essays. If it says, “describe a person who has been helping you in need of assistance” so you do not only describe the person who has helped you but also his qualities.



Add personal attributes such as “tall, well-constructed, sparkling black eyes, etc.”. Recollect defining the individual’s height, age, architecture, ears, skin, hair, and clothes. Describe a person’s strengths and interests and why he/she inspires you.





He noticed an unusually discolored series of teeth, as he smiled. Everyone stared at her. She was wearing beautiful black hair, a delicately formed nose, wide gentle eyes, and the biggest grin I ever saw.



  • State where the place is (for example, Abu Dhabi Lulu Island).
  • Describe how far your house is (how you got there) from this place and why you like it. Describe the beauty and the goodness of the place.
  • Describe the weather when you were there and how it felt “hot” or “cold.” Will you recommend the location for other citizens (for holidays etc.)? And, if so, why?


She guided herself to the back of the house and saw the most beautiful atmosphere. Trees were everywhere, and the sun was aiming for the dense greenery. There was a little pool right in the middle of the forest. Danielle bent to the fence and astounded the scene in front of her.


Starting Descriptive:

Start by the person/ location/ thing name. Describe for people whether or not he is famous. Describe the location and the reputation for the locations. Call the name for things and how the world’s people love it.


Main Body:

  • When you identify a person, go in-depth (separate paragraphs) on the individual’s personality, features, and attributes.
  • If you’re discussing a town, go further into the marvels of the city, the key features and recreational amenities, the environment.
  • When you explain objects, two paragraphs most usually outline the appearance and the design and history of the products.




Ending Your Essay

Complete your essay by summing up all that you mentioned and advising (in case of a place) or wishing the best of luck (in case of teachers) or seeing what is so dear to you.

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