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Letters are a form of oral and written communication containing information or message sent by one party to another to transmit the message. It is submitted to others by one group to have any valuable information.

Two kinds of letters are available, that is, formal letters and informal letters. The formal letter is written with a specific objective in mind for business or business. It is easy to read and interpret in simple language.

Instead, the informal letters for personal communication are written to friends and relatives and use a casual or emotional tone.






Formal Letters Informal Letters
Meaning A formal letter, in the format specified, is a letter written for an official purpose in the formal language. An informal letter is called a letter that is written in a friendly manner to somebody you know.
Objective Professional Communication Personal Communication
Format Written in Prescribed Format No Prescribed Format
Written In First person-letters from the business, third party-others. First, Second, Third Person
Written to Business, School/college, Organization Friend, Family, etc.



A Formal letter is any letter written in the profession, formally, and can be a letter of recommendation, an investigation letter, a letter of concern, a cover letter, etc. for a specific reason.

All letters of business are formal, but not necessarily vice versa. Such letters have been used for some purposes such as a formal invitation, a bid, a recommendation, a query, or an inquiry and a work application.

One should bear in mind the following things during writing a formal letter:


  • it should be in the format specified.
  • The use of needless words should be stopped.
  • It will be up to the mark explicitly.
  • It should be meaningful and objective.
  • It must be nuanced and detailed.
  • And if it’s a criticism letter, it should be courteous.
  • It should be free of errors, e.g. grammar or spellings.


An informal letter is a letter to someone; we are quite aware of it. For some reason, the letter may be used, such as conveying messages, news, advising, congratulating the recipient, asking questions, and so forth.

This is a personal letter that you know about, such as friends, siblings, parents, or any other closed person. No particular format for writing this letter is prescribed.

You can help to be friendly and use a personal or emotional tone when writing an informal letter. Terms, codes, abbreviations, etc.) may also be used at the time it is written, depending on the recipient’s familiarity.




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