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What is Account Writing?

The writing of the account refers to an account that can or cannot be included as a subject.

Account write is done to provide the reader with the order of events.

In the first line of a published account are the answers to ‘Where?’ ‘What is this? ‘When? Where? ‘And there is followed an explanation.

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Some Important Points to look

  • There may be no subject line on an account or may not. It would be the same to start with a date written on the top.
  • Accounts have to direct the reader as to exactly what happened and how. Contrary to other reports, ‘What,’ ‘Where’ and ‘When’ must be answered in the first paragraph, followed by the incident clarification.
  • The Tone of an account depends on to whom the account is written. If the question clearly states that the account should be written to a headmaster or an inspector/ Police officer, then it is pretty obvious that the tone should be formal, polite, and respectful.
  • An account may have personal sensations. The candidate may, therefore, choose the emotive language and sensational words and phrases as far as those assists in providing relevant information to the recipient.
  • The candidate is free to give his opinion about the event. He may provide suggestions to certain matters even if he/she isn’t asked to.
  • The sentences can be varied in style and structure conforming to the details and information is provided.


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