Ideology Of Pakistan

Ideology Of Pakistan

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Pakistan was founded on 14 August 1947. There was a wealthy honor and prosperity for the Muslims of India to make Pakistan a reality. Pakistan’s fight for doing this started well after the 1857 independence war.

The Hindus and the British squeezed the Muslims very hard after the War of Independence.

The circumstances of the Muslims, social, political, and cultural, have changed absolutely. Of this cause, they called for their own independent state. Afterward were the priorities and objectives which led to Pakistan being established.

Ideology Of Pakistan

  • The goal in establishing Pakistan was primarily to create a free Islamic society that has its own identity and government and that follows its own moral values and religion, as well as welcoming Muslims around the world to follow the Islamic way of life, particularly and generally.


  • Any other day the communal riots showed that the Hindus could monopolize politics once the British left. In united India, Muslims ‘ lives can never be secure. The Hindu organizations had consistently claimed that after independence Hindu Raj should be enforced upon India. The Muslims wanted their own state to get rid of these atrocities.


  • In replacing Urdu with Hindi, the Hindus did their absolute best. During the British time, however, they struggled. Without partitions, the Hindu majority could very easily declare Hindi as the official and national language if South Asia had independence. All traces of Muslim identity may be destroyed by the Hindu government; Muslims have no alternative but to make a case for Pakistan.


  • The Muslims declared for themselves independent nationality and they were willing to establish a separate body for all future period. Muslims believe in a particular faith, follow different rituals and have their own cultural roots and history. This was the absolute truth of their argument. Their right to live and possess all human rights became their separate entity. In undivided India, that was not necessary.
  • The results of the 1937 elections and the conquest of power is ample proof that the Hindus wanted to demolish the heritage and culture of Muslims. New intrigues were every now and then blown up to kill the religious beliefs of the Muslim people. The Hindustan culture was known to be breeding and worshiping animals. The Hindu religion are likely to take over the practices and rituals of Muslims. Islam celebrations have been messed with, while the Diwali, Dussehra Hindu festivals have been observed with great splendor.


  • In the 20th century, Muslims were scattered particularly after Khilafat’s failure. The Muslims decided to rejoin as harmony is still Islam’s basic teaching. But it is not possible to achieve peace in the Muslim world without Pakistan. In short, Muslims only sought a separate state because of their weaker circumstances and to protect their dignity.

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