Islamic Provisions Of Constitution Of 1973

Islamic Provisions Of Constitution Of 1973

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The government was taken over by General Yayah Khan on 25 March 1969 and the government-held national elections in 1970.

The case turned volatile following the general elections. Eastern Pakistan withdrew from the union and on 16 December 1971 became Bangladesh.


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Since East Pakistan was divided on 20 December 1971, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was moved by the Military Process and the provisional constitution was established in that country on 12 April 1972.

The Assembly then proposed a draft Constitution and approved it in April 1973. A draft Constitution was adopted. On 14 August 1973, the Constitution was adopted.

There were 280 articles in this Constitution which were of a federal legislative kind.


All the Islamic provisions of the previous constitutions were included in the Constitution of 1973. Some more Islamic provisions were also added, which are as under:

  • The Objective Resolution was included in the preamble of the Constitution of 1973. According to which sovereignty- over the whole world belongs to Allah. The people of Pakistan will exercise the sovereignty within the limits as a sacred trust of Allah.


  • The country’s name will be the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.


  • The official religion of the country will be Islam.


  • The President and Prime Minister of Pakistan will be Muslims, who believe in the oneness of Allah and the finality of the Prophet Hood of Muhammad (SAW).


  • For the first time, the definition of a Muslim was included in the Constitution of 1973. A person who does believe in the oneness of Allah, the absolute finality of Prophet Hood of Muhammad (PBUH), the day of Judgment and divine Books of Allah, is a Muslim’.


  • All the existing laws will be brought into conformity with Islamic principles and no law will be enforced, which is repugnant to the teachings of Islam.


  • The teaching of the Quran and Islamic studies will be made compulsory in schools and colleges.


  • The teaching of Arabic will be compulsory from 6 to 8 classes in schools and the printing of the Quran will be made error-free.


  • Islamic values, for example, democracy, equity, liberty, and equality will be the main objectives of the Constitution.


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  • The Muslims will be allowed to lead individually or collectively following the principles of Islam to form an Islamic society.


  • End of Racial & Provincial Discriminations The government will try to eliminate Racial, Provincial, Communal and other discriminations from the country.


  • Elimination of Riba (Usury or Interest) The government will eliminate Riba and make the economy of the country free from Riba.


  • End of Illiteracy The Government will take certain steps to eliminate illiteracy from the country.


  • Zakat and Usher According to the Constitution of 1973, the government will establish the system of Zakat and Usher by establishing the Zakat & Usher Councils.


  • Unity of the Islamic World: Government will give full intension towards the unity of the Muslim world.


  • Protection to Minorities Government will provide a full right to the Minorities they spend their lives according to their religion and culture.


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