Justification Of The Demand Of Pakistan

Justification Of The Demand Of Pakistan

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In India, Hindus and Muslims have lived happily for generations.

However, after their British conquest of southern Asia and their undue support for Hindu people, the lives of Indian Muslims became very complicated. However, Muslims were a separate country that still held to their religious identity.


The two-nation theory was the cornerstone of the battle for Pakistan ‘s independence which claimed that Hindus and Muslims had to separate nations.

“Hindus and Muslims were living in the same towns and villages, but never unified into one country.

Several reasons split the inhabitants of the Sub-Continent between two countries.

The Disparity in Faith

Muslims believe in the Taw heed (Unity of Allah). Hindus and Muslims adhere to various religions.

The equality of men. On the other hand, Hindus believe in the various gods, Hindus believing in Hindu society is divided into four different classes.

2.    Differences in society

The Hindus burnt their dead bodies while the Muslims buried the ‘mother cow’ as a holy animal and adored it while Muslims killed it. Hindus and Muslims adopted separate practices and rituals.


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3.    Language

Muslims and Hindus have written and spoken two different languages. ‘Muslims’ language was Urdu and written in Arabic Script. And Hindus, on the other hand, spoke Hindi and it was written in Sanskrit.

4.    Educational Differences

The Hindus had advanced in the area of education because they were quickly and readily able to learn English. The Muslims received no modern education, which affected their economic conditions greatly.

The Policy of Conflict

The Hindus and British then took a different turn in the early 20th century. The Islamic school scheme was the replacement of the British one, and Muslims were required to convert their faith to Christianity and were compelled to give children to co-education. The Islamic education system has been substituted by a British one. Muslims have then been forced to adapt their faith to Christianity.


Muslims were forbidden from consuming beef after the formation of Congress ministers, who murdered ‘Mother Cow.’ Islam was insulted by prayers, and Azans were disrupted. After the establishment of the ministers, Muslims could accept their authoritarian and tyrannical rule. In addition to that, they started a “Vidya Mandir Scheme” scheme to convert non-Hindus into Hindus. Congress clearly stated:

“India belongs to Hindus and Muslims would embrace Hinduism if they want to live in India.

Three colored flags have been hung according to Nehru to demonstrate that:

ntent -->

” Congress and the British are only two parties in this country.”


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The Hindus were free to put Muslims into their hands. Muslim homes have been set on fire and the massacre of Muslims has become routine. During the congress, the Hindus were freed to put the Muslims to death.

Earlier unrest in 1923 was sparked by a parade of Hindu Mahasabha leaders and a loud music play in front of a mosque. The Muslim group opposed to the two sides beginning a skirmish. These disturbances affected K deeply. B. He was the first nationalist Hindu organization and one of the largest Hindu organizations in the world in 1925 to form the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, the RSS. Hedgewar. In his book The Hindu Movement of Nationalists in 1927, Christoph Jaffrelot records a witness claiming that in defiance of the usual practice of not passing through the Mosque with music Hedgewar led Ganesha processions.

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