Practical Electricity

Practical Electricity

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Practical Electricity

When running various electrical equipment, electricity is quickly transformed into another source of energy, but dangerous electricity use leads to electric shock and burn, which can result in severe burns or even death for consumers.

The use of electrical equipment including fuses, circuit breakers, switches, and earthing wires are protection components for avoiding both fire and shock.

Electric heating effect


  • Currently, through a large resistor, electric power is converted to thermal energy. This is the electric current heating effect.
  • In all household heating devices, including electric kettles, heaters, iron, hairdryers, toaster, and electric cookers, etc, the heating effect principle is used.
  • These electrical devices have a high-resistance heating element, such as a nichrome wire. The difference in current flows through the heating device influences the quantity of heating effect.
  • Besides the heating effect, magnetic and chemical (such as electrolysis) are also influenced by electric current.



Damaged insulation


Rubber is used as insulation for the current-carrying conductors of most electrical appliances.

Rubber insulation is prone to damage due to regular bending and twisting. (Common appliances that bend/twist during usage: Hairdryer and Iron) The rubber insulation might break apart and expose the wire.

This damaged insulation would result in

Electric shock →→ resulting in serious injury or even death to users.

Short circuit in the current path by connecting exposed current-carrying conductors →→ resulting in the wires heating →→ fire hazard.


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Overheating of cables

Overheating of cables

These wires are particularly thin conductors which heat up and create high temperatures when very large currents are made to pass through these conductors. Short circuit or cable overload are conditions that lead to such high currents.

The overheating of the cables would allow isolation and fire to melt.

Damp Condition

Active body resistance significantly decreases from 100 k to 100 k to the humid (wet conditions). The successful resistance of our body is decreased by practices such as sweating, swimming, etc.

This moist state along with the dangerous use of electrical equipment leads to massive electric shocks and severe damage or even death via the corpse.

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A switch is used to open or close the electrical circuit.

Open the switch = NO current is flowing through the circuit.

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Typing ...

Close the switch = Current can flow through the circuit.

The switch should be connected to the LIVE wire and not the neutral or earthing wire. If you connect the switch to the neutral wire, even if the switch is opened, the appliance will still be connected to the live wire. This increases the possibility of an electric shock.

The switch should be connected BEFORE the appliance. (There’s no way for you to connect after the appliance.)


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