Social and Economic Effects of IT

Social and Economic Effects of IT

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Computer technology has been one of the key fibers of social, economic, and cultural life. It is a tool capable of improving production and economic growth in various applications.

It was the marriage between computer and communications technology at the beginning of the 1980s that created an era of information services on the Internet that had an impact on our everyday practices in accessing information.

Today, almost any social, cultural, and economic growth and everyday living can be affected by the polygamy of computers, connectivity, computing, sensory, and display technology.

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The effect of computers on the person gives opportunities to many average people in their homes and hands and helps to solve challenges every day, thus improving the lives of many people worldwide.

This idea can be seen with the inception and widespread use of the telephone, computers, databases, and the Internet. The telephone provides a platform for local communication; the computer provides computing power to the individual; the database systems provide a local place to store and organize data efficiently, and the Internet provides a widescale platform for the aforementioned solutions were the best of each solution’s capability can be leveraged and used globally.

The world has experienced enhanced global communication, data organization and retrieval, and computing.


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Challenges in IT

In the coming years, IT will begin to affect the economy.

We would need to tackle some issues relating to computer technology growth to support such an impact: it should be a technology to promote further communication with others, versus one which prevents human interaction and social progress, unless human life is at stake.

Researchers must be diligent in deciding whether efforts are to use technologies in our reasoning, translating, and understanding for us, instructing us, predicting for us the future. Some think it a kind of god making for mankind.

It must not be permitted to prevent the understanding and experience of simple principles and interactions by consumers of technology. She noticed that some students had trouble attempting to locate a term description when looking for a dictionary while,

e.g., she talked to a mentor for school students. The students had practiced more on typing a word in a website form and after clicking ‘Submit’, the definition of the work was provided.

The skills necessary to traverse a dictionary had not been grasped.

The technology should enable the enhancement of communication, computing, production, and thus economic opportunities.

It is important to leverage this enhancement byproduct without eliminating the fundamental skills that should be learned by an individual.

It is noted that this is said cautiously, knowing that computing is changing the human society and what once was noted as fundamental in one age may be obsolete in another, which suggests that the domain of fundamental skills is in a gradual process of redefinition.


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To handle the risks and dangers, the current computer and technology revolution has various economic and social effects for contemporary society and calls for significant study in social science. This work can be useful for the creation of both social and technical strategies. Decisions must be made attentively. In the future, certain decisions that are taken today will be expensive or hard to alter.

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