Weather forecasting (Application)

Weather forecasting (Application)

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What is Weather Forecasting?

The use of science and technology to forecast the conditions of the atmosphere for a specific place and time is weather prediction.

For thousands of years and officially after the 19th century, people have tried to informally predict the weather.

Weather predictions are made by the compilation of objective data on an atmosphere in one area and by using meteorology to plan how the climate is evolving.


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Why It is Important?

Weather forecasting takes the greatest amount of data on the current state (especially temperature, humidity, and the wind) of the atmosphere and uses an understanding of atmospheric processes (using meteorology) to determine the evolution of the atmosphere in the future.

However, since the environment is unpredictable and the systems have become incomplete, predictions are growing less detailed than the prediction.

Standard measurements made on the surface are routinely maker by training observers, automated meteorological stations, or books concerning pressure, temperature, wind speed, wind direction, humidity, precipitation.

By the new predictive model forecast for the time observations were taken to generate the meteorological analysis, the data obtained from observations are used during the data assimilation process.

  • Computer simulations of the atmosphere are numerical weather, forecast models.
  • The research is taken as the starting point and the atmosphere evolves in time for an understanding of physics and fluid mechanics.
  • The complex equations that control how the fluid state changes over time require supercomputers to solve them.
  • The model’s output provides the basis for climate prediction.




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