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What are Drugs?

A drug is any substance that affects the biology or personality of an organism when ingested. Drugs usually differentiate themselves from food and nutritionally supportive substances. Drug use may be through inhalation, injection, smoking, ingestion, skin patch absorption or tongue dissolution.






Antibiotics are medications that resist bacterial infections. They do this by destroying or preventing bacteria from copying or reproducing themselves. Any drug destroying the germs in the body is legally an antibiotic, so the term antibiotic means “against life. “

Disrupt the production of the cell wall and so prevent the bacteria from reproducing, or even cause them to burst open.

Interfere with protein synthesis and thus arrest bacterial growth.

Animal cells do not have cell walls, and the cell structures involved in protein production are different. Consequently, antibiotics do no damage human cells although they may produce some side effects such as allergic reactions.


Development of Resistant Bacteria:

• In absence of pre-fulfillment of an antibiotic path, any of the bacteria used to degrade the drugs are not destroyed, but released.

• Other casualties may be mutations that are drug-resistant. All of their offspring have the drug resistance as they matured, thereby reducing the efficacy of the antibiotic.

SARM (Staphylococcus aureus methicillin-resistant). A group of bacteria with a variety of commonly used antibiotic resistance.

• This can only be reduced where antibiotics are needed and care is assured.


Antibiotic and Viral Diseases:


⦁ Viral disease-related antibiotics are not effective.

⦁ Antibiotics function as they interrupt bacterial structures such as cell walls and membranes or processes associated with protein synthesis and DNA replication.

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⦁ The bacterial properties of viruses are completely distinct, meaning that antibiotics do not harm them.


Effects of excessive alcohol consumption and abuse of heroin:


Powerful depressant drugs

⦁ Effect on reaction times and self-control

⦁ Addiction and withdrawal symptoms

⦁ Negative social implications, e.g. crime


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How heroin affects the nervous system:

⦁ It functions by interacting with synapse receptor molecules.

⦁ Heroin activates the receptor in the brain synapses, inducing dopamine (neurotransmitter) release that generates short-term ‘strong’ rates.

⦁ Heroin use can lead to HIV-like infections.

⦁ Excessive drinking can damage the liver.

⦁ Chronic pulmonary obstructive disease (COPD), lung cancer, and heart disease may be caused by cigarette smoke.

⦁ Liver is the drug and other poison disintegration site.


Evidence for a link between smoking and lung cancer:

At least 17 chemicals are reported for cancer from research animals in cigarette smoke and 90% of lung cancer is now believed to be caused by smoking.

⦁ Nicotine, a tobacco-addictive ingredient, raises the rate of pulse and blood pressure rise and can cause erratic pulse.
⦁ The main source of lung cancer in smoking is known to be Tar in tobacco smoke.

⦁ Carbon monoxide permanently binds with red blood cell hemoglobin, reducing smokers’ ability to supply breathing cell oxygen. It makes a cigarette harder to get out of breath and improves health.

The nicotine and carbon monoxide increase the tendency for the blood to clot and so block the coronary arteries.



Performance-enhancing hormones:


⦁ Is made in male tests and promotes primary and secondary sexual properties for men.

⦁ Expanded muscle and bulk bones are the product of testosterone drugs (known as “document”).

⦁ Which will boost the efficiency of a sporting individual?


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Anabolic steroids

⦁ Testosterone synthetic by-products.

⦁ They influence protein synthesis, muscle production and body fat reduction.

⦁ This increases athletic performance.

⦁ The long-term effects of using anabolic steroids are serious: sterility, female masculinization and liver and kidney failure.

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